This page will inform you about the mecha warriors known as Mechanauts.

Mech MonstersEdit

The result of an horrific experiment by the government, these cyborgs with human brains were meant to be used in tactical combat against explosives. The soldiers were, however, too violent and were buried deep in the earth. The government did not destroy the suits in case they did need the technology for new weapons.



A Grunt

After a small earth tremor, the technology of the suits was activated and they soon escaped from their underground prison. They attacked the major cities of America and eventually came face-to-face with the Immortal Fighters in Chicago. The Fighters did not anticipate this attack and were defeated.

Their second battle with the Fighters took place in Silver Hills. Arika battled with two of the soldiers in ABC Tower and Bandai fought against a huge cyborg on the beach, while Capcom locked horns with another huge suit in the center of Chinatown. The Fighters eventually defeated their opponents and met up just outside of ABC Tower to defeat the Brute, a giant Mechanaut who was destroying helicopters and tanks. After a long and tiring battle, the Fighters finally defeated the Brute. In the end, the suits were destroyed along with the technology used to create them.


The Brute